When it comes to designing a home, there is no one size fits all. Design is truly as unique as the individual.

Sacha grew up surrounded by textiles, paint, and sculpture. Her early work experiences as a florist, along with her global travels, helped to define her sense of style.

Her design approach may be best described as “classic with a modern twist”. Sacha’s broad range as a designer encompasses everything from a transitional sense of subtlety to a colourful and lively eclecticism. Her finished spaces are always refined and polished.

Sacha is a furniture enthusiast with an appreciation for all styles of furniture, including modern and vintage pieces. She welcomes the use of strong architectural pieces to create both a focal point and an opportunity for conversation.

Her years of experience combined with her formal education have taught her what works – and what doesn’t work – in the design business: “Function is a primary consideration when I decorate a space. Many fabrics and pieces of furniture that look great on television or in a magazine fall short in real life. I’ve learned what looks beautiful and stands the test of time.”

A custom approach to design has resulted in a special list of suppliers, including small independent craftspeople. Emphasis is placed on choosing unique objects that reflect an individual client’s sensibilities. “If I can’t find that something special, I have it made! I love designing beautiful pieces that can be passed down to the next generation.” Clients of Sacha Nizami Design can expect a personalized, timeless look that can be enjoyed for years to come.